Could Your Business Benefit From Managed IT Services?

It’s easy for smaller companies to dismiss the benefits of managed IT services. If the company has just a few employees, why bother expending the time, energy, and money? But even the smallest businesses end up running into technical problems that need professional attention.

Even if your accountant has built a few gaming computers in their spare time, it’s not a substitute for a true expert. We’ll look at what these services entail and the kinds of concrete benefits they can offer you. 

 #1 - Backups & Disaster Recovery

If there’s a threat to your company, backups and disaster recovery will essentially bail you out of the situation. Adverse events come in any number of forms, and it’s imperative for businesses to be ready for them if they want to survive. Power outages, natural disasters, cybercrime, employee sabotage, arson: it only takes one mishap to shut a business down for good.
Backups copy all of your data and allow for multiple storage options, such as offsite locations. Disaster recovery takes this concept a step further. It replicates your equipment and prioritizes connectivity in an effort to get your daily operations back up to speed as quickly as possible. This is efficiency at its best, ensuring that you won’t lose revenue when disaster strikes.

#2 - Cybersecurity

A hundred years ago, business owners had to worry about the dangers that lurked just outside their doors. Today, even the smallest company is subject to the whims of cybercriminals that live in every corner of the globe.

What’s more, hacking is such a lucrative and low-risk enterprise that more cybercriminals are brought into the fold every year. After all, it’s difficult to find and prosecute someone who’s living 6,000 miles away. To stay profitable, cybercriminals also change their tactics frequently, looking for new schemes as their potential victims catch on to their old ones. 

You need someone who understands the trends, studied the patterns, and knows how to stop these opportunists in their tracks. Managed services ensure you have cyber protection that sets up barriers in multiple locations. The more a criminal is met with roadblock after roadblock, the more likely it is that they’ll give up and move on.

#3 - Downtime Is Costly

Most small businesses know the hassles of their network going down and the inevitable consequences of it. Employees can’t get the information they need, customers are told to call back later, and managers struggle to control the environment.
If your IT environment doesn’t have the right checks and balances in place, it will continue to fail you more often than it should. To keep everything up and running, managed IT services find out where your vulnerabilities lie and why you’re seeing such inconsistencies.

#4 - Employees Have Other Priorities 

When you’re a small business, it’s all hands on deck. In many ways, this is an advantage over large conglomerates. Your employees not only get to see the value of their work on a regular basis, but they also get to stretch their skills and grow as a professional. 

But there’s a limit to how much you can ask one of your employees to do. If your marketing director is constantly distracted by every network anomaly, eventually you’ll start to see the cracks show. The team member you count on will start to slip in terms of performance and even if they don’t, you’ll need a contingency set up for when they go on vacation or quit.

A fully-staffed help desk has multiple advantages for small businesses. Not only is someone there to pick up your call, but the experts who do so will be familiar with your systems and how to work through every problem.

 #5 - Access to Technology 

Small businesses might be running on a mishmash of technology. Some of it might be brand new, but some might be from many moons ago. Old equipment is not only more vulnerable to cyberattacks, but it can also clash with new programs in unforeseen ways. Employees might also bring their own devices in, which can compromise your network depending on the individual security of each device.

Having the right tools for the job makes a difference when you need real results. Not only do many small businesses not have the budget for new technology, but their employees often don’t even know what kinds of equipment would be the right for their operations.

Regardless of the kind of business you own, your network solutions will need to be customized for you. Managed IT services might not be aware of (or own) every conceivable gadget and cable, but they’ll have the inside knowledge to recommend the most efficient tools for your business. They’ll also have the tools they need to set up, operate, and repair your systems. 

#6 - IT Environments Need Constant Attention 

How many licenses do you need? When does your domain expire? How many old hard drives do you have sitting in the back, and what do you intend to do with them? Like any profession, many IT tasks are pure tedium. And while they may not be difficult, it’s detailed work that’s easy to put off until tomorrow.

To prevent regulatory violations (or your competitor stealing your website name), managed IT services can take that weight off of your employees’ shoulders. This way, you won’t have to worry about who’s keeping up with your network every time your staff gets a little busy. 

#7 - Opportunities and Challenges Abound 

Your business won’t be able to grow on any level if it can’t keep up with whatever happens to be around the corner. At some point, you’ll court a client that needs full compliance. Or you’ll need to migrate your data into a different system that can support more customers. Or you’ll need to launch a new component of your website, e-commerce store, or client survey.

Whatever it is that your business has in store for it, managed IT services make it easy to prepare for it by setting up a solid ground floor. When your base is stable, it makes it that much faster and easier to stack on additional stories. 

#8 - Consistent Policies 

How often do your employees change their passwords? What’s the protocol for accidentally clicking on a spam file? Does your company take advantage of all the updates or are they constantly clicking on the ‘Remind Me Later’ option? Having consistent policies is one of the best ways to prevent a security breach. Managed IT services work with everything from onboarding to dismissals and everything in between. They can free up hours of your employees’ time so that they can focus on what they do best. 

Getting More for Less 

When you have enough work to give to one of your employees but not enough to hire an in-house team, managed IT services are the perfect middle-ground for small companies. You pay for the help you need, so you don’t have to worry about a full-time technician sitting around without enough to do. Plus, you get the kinds of benefits that can prevent everything from downtime to hacking fiascos.

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