7 Reasons To Choose Southeastern Technical for Managed IT Services

You don’t want a plan that works for someone else. That’s not what you’re paying for. 

When you need IT support, you need a team that values team productivity and functional solutions, not quick buggy fixes. We’ve got seven compelling reasons to choose Southeastern Technical instead.

#1 - Feel Like a Top Client / Personalized Service

When you choose Southeastern Technical, you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals who work for you as if you were their only client.  They know your systems, servers, and software inside and out.  Within a short time, they’ll also know a lot of your employees by name.

You’ll forget that they’re not right down the hall. They are available and ready to provide solutions that work for you.

#2 - Quicker Response Times

Southeastern’s Tech support can connect to a computer in less than 30 seconds. Yeah, that’s fast!

Using a state-of-the-art client portal, your team members can request personalized IT support, and within seconds someone is assessing the problem and quickly implementing a solution. Need more advanced help; you can set up an IT consult on your schedule.

According to IBM, one hour of company-wide downtime will cost the average large company about $100,000, and large companies lose around $1.25B a year total when applications don’t work. While a small to medium business may not have to foot this kind of downtime bill, downtime hurts businesses of all sizes.

What happens in one hour across your business? Beyond paying people not to work, you may have lost sales, damaged relationships, and worsening morale, which can cost you over time.

Whether outages happen on the individual or enterprise-wide level, time is money. And your IT support team should understand that.

When you choose Southeastern Technical, you’re working with a group of dedicated professionals who value your time. They respond quickly and make sure things are done right to reduce future downtime. They’re just portal request away. And they also offer On-site Emergency Support when you need it.

#3 - Better Customer Service

Southeastern Technical is your responsive technology partner, and they’ve been taking this partner approach for over 20 years. They love what they do, and they love to see their partners succeed because, in a way, it feels like their own success. 

They help you overcome costly challenges with business-aligned custom solutions and ongoing support your way.

#4 - People You Can Trust

If someone can get into your IT systems and servers, they have access to your assets–customer data, financial data, strategic planning, private health information, emails, all of it. So it’s essential to work with a company that you can trust to understand your data’s sensitive nature and how to protect it.

Southeastern invests in its people as well as privacy and security technology to keep your data safe. They recruit and hire career-minded IT professionals who not only love what they do. They love working with Southeastern Technical because they know Southeastern cares about employee growth, development, and individual wellbeing.

That’s not just something they aspire to. Their very low turnover rate evidences it. 

Southeastern Technical is in the business of building relationships and getting to know their clients to create that mutual trust that puts them a tier above the competition.

#5 - Same Time Zone

Southeastern Technical is in your timezone, so they’re up and working when you’re most likely to need IT support. While they do offer 24/7 solutions, they never offload phone support to other countries.

They believe that if you partner with Southern Technical, then they’re the ones who should provide that support, day or night. When your people are working, IT support is available for you.

#6 - The Right Experts and Technicians for Any Job

You already know that someone can know everything about one type of technology and nothing about another. That’s why anyone providing your IT support and services must have the right experts on staff to manage technology. They must be able to offer business solutions that work, whether it’s for industry compliance, business continuity and backup solutions, or security. 

The right people for the job–what a novel idea? Southeastern has committed to hiring the right experts for every kind of technology need. And when you work with them, you gain access to this expert team.

While it pays to have experts, you also want the person who answers the phone to solve your team members’ problem right there without escalation. For that reason, Southeastern invests in growing each technician’s expertise through cross-training, so whoever answers the phone will almost always be able to solve the problem you’re having without escalation.

# 7 - Smoother IT Support Experience

You need technology to work like it’s supposed to. You want a team of dedicated and experienced IT professionals who work with your employees to make that happen. All of that amounts to a smoother IT experience that enhances your business performance rather than allowing technology problems to hold you back. 

Southeastern believes all you should have to worry about is your business because they’ve got the technology part handled.

If you love your current IT support, then we hope you’ll keep it. But if you’re dissatisfied with slow responses, cookie-cutter solutions, security risks you can’t afford, we encourage you to experience the Southeastern Technical difference.

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