are there holes in your network?

Penetration Testing

Find out if your network can be breached with penetration testing. Our pen testing will reveal the overall security of your IT infrastructure and identify security weaknesses. This knowledge will allow you to eliminate security holes before cyber criminals can discover them.

Security You Can Count On

Network Penetration Testing


Identify the ports open on each device.

Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data

Attempt to access and retrieve sensitive data from targeted systems by exploiting application or operating system vulnerabilities.


Identify the name and location of systems on the network, as well as, the operating system and any running services.


Probe firewall for open ports or services.

Known Vulnerability Analysis

Check for well-known vulnerabilities that can exist in web servers, FTP servers, DNS servers, etc.

Active Defense Evasion

Methods to evade or obfuscate the ability of active defenses (like intrusion prevention systems) to properly prevent known attack techniques.


Test for the operating system and services running on each exposed system.


Enumerate the network’s relationship and exposure to the Internet, including DNS and host name (domain name) registration information.

Identify Vulnerabilities and Exposures

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