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Backups & Disaster
Recovery Solutions

Protect your data with Southeastern Technical’s reliable backups and business continuity plans. Prevent data loss, keep your business running.

Don't Let A Disaster Put You Out of Business

Managed Backup

Secure your critical data and applications with managed backups services. An expert will design and implement the right solution to ensure a reliable copy is available when you need it. Available for file storage, servers, network drives, workstations.

Cloud Backups

Seamlessly save files and sensitive data securely with cloud based backup solutions. Store information in the cloud as a standalone solution or increase backup redundancy with an on-site and cloud solution.

Disaster Recovery

For systems where every minute counts, a disaster recovery can keep your business operating, even when a disaster hits. Disaster recovery solutions are fully operational backups that can be switched on at a moment’s notice.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions for Your Business Needs

Quick data backup and reduced recovery time

Safe and Secure

Improved Employee Productivity

Protection from breach or misuse

Scalable backup

Reduce storage and operational costs