Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing Training

We train your team to understand the dangers of phishing emails and recognize phishing attacks. A well-informed workforce is a secure workforce.

Why Is Phishing Awareness So Important?

It only takes one team member falling for a phishing scam to put an entire organization at risk of financial loss, reputation damage, compliance failure and business disruption. Does your team know what to look for?
Our phishing awareness training will teach your team what to look for, then test them with a phishing email simulation. This real-world training and application is the most effective way to strengthen your defenses and secure your business.

Key Benefits:

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Why Southeastern Technical?

Proven Efficacy

Up to 90% of successful breaches are caused by user error. Significantly reduce data breaches with phishing awareness training.

Easy Step Setup

We set everything up for you, and your employees can access the training when it is convenient for them.

Interactive Courses

Engaging, interactive courses increase employee attentiveness and effectiveness while being educated about phishing attacks.

Phishing Simulator

Phishing simulations reinforce training and increase awareness to prepare employees to identify and report malicious emails.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, PCI and GDPR and other regulations. Protect your employees and data, and avoid fines.

Ongoing Defense

Ensure your employees are up to date with the latest method attacks. Mitigate phishing attempts with ongoing employee training.

Trackable Results

Keep track of user participation and measure overall individual success.


Measure employee progress, risk score and ROI. Training reports show user progress and can be shared with management.


Why Ongoing Training Is the Best Defense Against Phishing

Cyber-criminals are constantly evolving their schemes to overcome the security measures that are put in place against them. The current practices to defend against cyber threats decrease in effectiveness as time moves on. Communicate to your team that security is a priority and help them stay up-to-date on best security practices with ongoing training.

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Why Is Phishing So Dangerous?

Phishing is more dangerous than viruses, cryto-viruses, malware and other fraud. It’s easier to orchestrate, more effective and more successful than any other corporate attack. It is the single greatest threat to corporations today.

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