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Mobile Device Security

Are your mobile devices secured, so that they don't provide an entry point for hackers?

Data Breaches

Do you have a defense in place against phishing attacks, ransomware and network penetration?

Poor Application Security

Do you force password udpates, restrict access to private data and force automatic log-offs?

Poor Security Procedures

Does you provide ongoing cybersecurity training to your staff to reinforce the importance of security measures?

Outdated Technology

Are you applying vital security patches in a timely manner to protect your IT environment?

Compliance Easy

We help your Medical Practice prepare and manage its technology to pass and maintain HIPAA Compliance. IT professionals will assess your systems, and design & implement corrective plans. Cybersecurity experts will use the latest techniques to protect your patients’ private medical data.

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Why Choose Southeastern?

Many other IT firms offer only some of the services you need to become and maintain compliance. At Southeastern, we can handle all of your IT needs, whether that is training or assisting your staff, securing your network, performing vulnerability scans or correcting any of the vulnerabilities that are discovered.
You gain access to IT and cybersecurity experts who have helped others become compliant, are familiar with the process and can recommend best practices for handling HIPAA controls. In the event of an audit, you have a knowledgeable advocate who can explain why solutions were selected, and how the solutions meet compliance requirements.
Managing medical IT and securing patient data is a critical aspect of your business. You need an IT team to protect your patients' medical information and your business.
Secure Your Medical Practice's Data & Technology
Cybersecurity Awareness Training to Staff
Technology Solutions to pass HIPAA Audits
Ensure that technology meets compliance regulations
Incident Response

Benefits of Being
HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant IT Support

Management of
IT Environment

We manage and monitor your IT Environment which includes computers, mobile devices, network, servers, and cloud solutions.


From vulnerability scans to penetration testing we identify risks and vulnerabilities to show you how security issues and potential breaches could impact your healthcare organization.


Greatly reduce your cyber security risks. Safeguard your medical practice's data and technology with the right cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Staff

Our cybersecurity awareness training will teach your medical staff to understand the dangers of phishing emails and recognize phishing attacks. This real-world training and application is the most effective way to strengthen your defenses and secure your healthcare organization.

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you take care of your patients.

we'll take care of your IT.

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