Security and Managed Backups

Modern IT Security can be a costly challenge.
Partner with Southeastern to defend your data.

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Ensure your data is safely in compliance

Security Analysis

When was the last time you looked for potential breaches in your systems? Southeastern offers threat and risk security analysis to show where any potential intrusion could occur.

Partner with Southeastern to Defend your Data

Backup and Recovery

Is your data secure of the unthinkable happens? Disaster recovery should be a part of your IT Strategy. Southeastern can help simplify your backup process so you can feel confident that your data is safe.

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Penetration Testing

Our team will assess your current security measures and simulate malicious attacks, both internal and external. Your entire system will then be analyzed for potential vulnerabilities, and secure solutions put in place.

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Remote Monitoring and Support

With our investments in best-in-class tools, we apply the principles of remote management, automation, centralization and monitoring to your environment. 

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