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Keep Your

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24/7 Monitoring

Feel confident knowing that your Networks and Servers are monitored 24/7. Our team monitors your systems around the clock. Utilizing dashboards that show us the status of your systems in real time, it’s likely we will be aware of problems and working towards a solution before you realize there could be a problem

Maximize Speed, Security & Scalability

Network and Security

An aging network can slow your business down. Maximize your network with a focused network design and implementation.

Consistent, Reliable IT Services

Fast Response Times

Customer Support

Experienced Technical Support connected to your computer in less than 30 seconds. Open the Client Portal to start your help ticket, or schedule an IT Consult today.

Responsive, Immediate Support

Remote & Onsite Support

You’ll no longer need to worry if your technical issues are being handled with excellence, and you won’t need to manage the issue yourself. An entire team of IT Staff are available to assist you with any technical needs.

Grow Your Business Without Having to Worry About Technology

We know that building a business is a challenge. From hiring to marketing, you are focused on your products, services and customers – Let Southeastern Technical focus on your technology. Our team can manage your pre-existing IT systems, or partner with you to install new solutions to make your business more centralized.


24/7 Monitoring of Network and Servers.


Prompt response, Efficient


Security Analysis, Penetration Testing, Data Protection.


Repair, Installation and

Unlimited Help Desk

Call or submit a ticket whenever you have an issue.

Software Licenses

Manage Licenses and

Backup and Recovery

Systems and Data Backup and Recovery Management

Workstation Protection

Anti-spam and

Southeastern Technical's Managed IT Services Grow Your Business


Southeastern Technical's Managed IT Services Help Your Business Succeed


Southeastern Technical's Managed IT Services Take Your Business to the Next Level